Ordering Ellens films

There are two ways you can order Ellen's films; buying the DVD or watching them online.
If you prefer to get the DVD you can order it here.

You can now view the films online.

For viewing online you just click the order button, send your payment, and you will instantly be transferred to a viewing page. You can watch the film and as many times as you like .
One at a time, or all of them at once
You can choose between watching the films one by one, they each cost $20,00, or you can pay $50,00 to get access to all of them.

When you have done your choice, press the "Buy Now button" next to the film. You will be transferred to PayPals site where you can pay with your PayPal account, or with a credit card. As soon as your payment has been accepted you get transferred to the video page where you can watch the film right away, in addition to downloading it to your computer.

I recommend that you save the link, there is no way of getting back to that page without going through Paypal.
All films
online version:


Long Reining
With Piet Bakker and Ellen Ofstad
Online version: $20,00
Duration: 48 minutes, Language: English
+ Extra film!
You will also see a video showing Piet Bakker giving lessons in Long Reining.

Horse Trainers
Across Borders
Online version: $20,00
2 Parts, total duration: 48 minutes, Language: English

Horses with Problems
Natural and positive training
Online version: $20,00
2 parts, Language: English
Duration: Part 1: 60 min. + Part 2: 70 min.

Motivate Your Horse
Natural and positive training
Online version: $20,00
Duration: 60 minutes, Language: English